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Thank you to the following for your help within the community: evilhotice Your assistance is much appreciated!

Welcome to

This website is for all of the Fable fans and gaming community who have experienced the mysterious Fable 3 corrupt save.

I decided to make this site to help those who are experiencing this issue and need help, for the people who have experienced the corrupt save and would like to keep in contact in case it happens again and also for all the Fable fans to chat and discuss their opinions of the game, strategies etc over in the forums.


I decided to make this site to try to help all you Fable fans who have had a save magically corrupt for no reason. I receive emails from a lot of people containing their saves asking me to fix them. I am happy to fix saves for people but please bare in mind, I do this in my own spare time when I'm not working or busy.


Since all the new Fable 3 hype lately due to the announcement of Fabe Anniversary and also with Fable 3 being a free digital download on the Xbox 360 Marketplace, this site will help you keep up to date, reach out for help etc, and will help me keep more organised with fixing the saves.


My YouTube videos will be linked to this site and download links will be on my YouTube channel and here as well.

I appreciate all good feedback and I am glad that my video has helped the thousands of people that it has.


LionHead Studios are fully aware of the corrupt save problem with Fable 3 including ex CEO Peter Molyneux. I have spoken to various people from LionHead and also Peter Molyneux and they know about the problem, they have no intention to fix it and they are fully aware of my fix.



Lastly, I do not charge any fees for fixing saves, it is 100% free and always will be. All I ask is for your patience as I do get overwhelmed and a like and subscribe on YouTube.

I do have a donate button for anyone who feels they would like to contribute for my time and effort that has gone and still goes into making this possible.